Monday, February 06, 2006

Techies - What exactly do they mean?

Most of the times we come across magazines and websites talking about geeks or techies, by default everybody assumes that it means only computer guys. For instance, an aircraft designer or a DSP engineer can never become a geek as long as he does not work in any hardcore computer software,like SAP or he is not an expert in any hardcore computer technology, like Data warehousing. Here is one more website that brings about the top paid techies of last year.

Again by techies, they simply mean computer-folks. According to this listing Data Warehousing Architects are the costliest. But who knows??? designers of engines for cars in big car companies like Toyota, Mercedes and Ferrari may have an average salary well above that of any Data Warehouse architects. Are they not techies? They are in fact hard-core techies, but not included in this statistics because for these magazines techies means only people sitting in front of computers.

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