Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A blogspot for TCE-ECE

Yesterday, I contacted my friend Balaji after a long time. He shared a room with me 5 years back, during the first-year of my college. He was as proactive as he ever was and he suggested me something which should be given a serious thought (comment to my previous mail). The alumini of computer science department of my college have got their own blogspot, in which they share their common views. He questions why I should not start a own for my department (Electronics and Communications). A good idea. No, a very good idea.
First, I have to confess that most of my friends in my department, do not know what blog really is. But it is not a completely abstruce concept and can be thought through a single mail.

One more thing sparked into my mind, after reading that comment. We require seperate sites for CS and EC departments, because our contacts are bound inside our department. We knew people in other departments, but never involved in any intellectual conversations across departments.

Many of the final year projects that come out of our college can be classified as cutting edge (ok.. not so sharp). But so far, there has not been a single project that involved a student from, say EC and one from CS or one from Mechanical. Inside the college, there should be intellectual fusion between various departments. Students of different departments should combine together to do projects.

For instance, EC studies the FFT algorithm for digital filter design. CS studies the same as an example of divide and conquer. But rarely a few in EC knows that FFT is classified as a divide and conquer algorithm. This explains the existing situation.

So you can soon expect a blogspot for TCE-ECE. And after that there will be a fusion between various departments.

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