Monday, September 07, 2009

IDE Decision

Texas Instrument has recently made a sound decision to make their Code Composer studio's IDE to be based on Eclipse. That's a good news. Now that's not taking anything away from the old IDE of CCStudio. The old IDE is very comprehensive, very good, and very easy to learn. But the current developers do not just look for this. How easy is it to customize the old CCStudio IDE? That way, as the IDE becomes Eclipse-based, we can expect independent developers writing plugins for CCStudio and that would certainly improve the productivity in embedded systems and DSP development front. After looking at many IDEs, I can make an easy business/productivity decision. Your IDE must be based on Eclipse. That's the second best IDE (after Visual Studio IDE) that I have seen, although I personally write my JAVA codes only in Emacs.


  1. Sundar -
    Thanks for your comments on the Code Composer migration. With an eclipse-based IDE, we hope to see more independent developers creating plugins.

    You & your readers may also be interested to know about a new contest we're running for low-power design using the MSP430:


    TI Microcontrollers on Facebook:

  2. @Russell
    My readers and I would really be interested in that contest. I have forwarded the link to many of the enthusists that I know.