Monday, March 29, 2010

Night Fox of New Jersey

The movie Ocean's Twelve featured a very interesting character called "The Night Fox", a master thief enacted by the French leading man Vincent Cassel. In that movie, Cassel steals the Coronation Egg (in fact it's fake) by acrobatically avoiding the laser beams. In its previous version, "the Amazing Yen" uses his acrobatic skills to rob a casino. I thought such things are possible only in movies.

I was wrong. In New Jersey, a band of acrobatic thieves managed to rob Best Buy in a similar fashion. The thieves never appeared in the security camera. The entire floor had sensors, but still no alarm was tripped, as the thieves never stepped on the floor. Apparently they left boot print on the gas pipe they climbed by. NJPD is looking for the thieves.

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