Sunday, December 11, 2005

Saturday Freak-outs

This Saturday at around 2 in the after-noon, I went to my friend's place. We shared a veggie pizza for lunch and solved a sudoko. Then we decided to go to the British counsil. There I borrowed "Schrodinger's Kitten", after reading its review. Personally, I feel that the fee I pay to become the member of British Counsil is too high for its collection of books. If someone says, in British Counsil you can get all the books you want or that you need not have to be a member of IEEE if you are a member of British Counsil, give her a kick on her jaw. May be, it will help for those who want to do their graduation in England.
From the library, we went to Spencer Plaza. In Spencers, we had a Cappucino in Java Green. I had had better coffees in my life for one-sixth of its price. But still as a software engineer, I did not complain. Another friend of mine called and asked us both to join him for a movie. It was raining, but still we went to the theater to watch that highly-sentimental movie about one no-idea-what-to-do kind of a dad and his insane offsprings. The three and half-hour movie did not impress me a lot, but a forty year old sitting nearby gave a standing ovation. Then I went back home at around 10. Read about Copenhagen Interpretation upto an hour after midnight and went to sleep.

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