Friday, December 09, 2005

Team Lunch

Engineers in Software companies are not experts in software. But they sure are in killing spare time. Today, we had what we call a team lunch. We went for a lavish 5 starer near our office. There was a big parking lot, followed by a hall with pompous arrangement of furnitures. There were two restaurents and we chose the simplest. There were more Germans in that North Indian restaurent. I ate food with lot of fat contents to add one more layer of cholestrol to my arteries. Most of the food went as waste, which I did not like. When the waiter brought the check, I got aghasted. I did not know whether they are charging for the food or the dining table. My "team" tried to call it my treat for some birthday on which I did not throw a party. I refused. If I had paid for it, my mother would have looked at the bill and thought I had bought a new motorcycle. Food tasted awesome. But they are just charging too much. We made it a dutch. I don't know whether this is the way in which people in Holland have party, but by "dutch" my team means share the money.

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