Saturday, August 29, 2009

TR-35 2009

What can you achieve in the first 35 years of your age? OK. This has wide answers, since in some field like sports people achieve their most before 35. Let me reduce the scope of the answer. What can you achieve in the field of science and technology, before you are 35 years old? May be you can win Nobel prize in Physics. Or may be you could formulate 3900 mathematical equations and considered by some as an equivalent of Jacobi or Euler. Or may be you can win TR-35.

TR-35 winners of the year 2009
has been announced. Congratulations winners. Your achievements are inspiring. If I can do half of what anyone of you have done, I would take a deep breath and hang up my boots. Special congratulations to Kevin Fu of University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Jose Gomez-Marquez of MIT to stand as best among the best.


  1. Bro, They all must have spent their useful part of the life time (20-35)in Universities researching.. They got the price for their sacrifice.. :-) Hopefully, we will be able to see a Tamil name in that list soon.. ;)

    keep posting.. Remove word verifiation,pls :-)

  2. @bullet
    If you want to see Tamil names, just go one year backward: Being in high-tech domain in the US, I never found a dearth for Tamil names. That's a good thing. I may probably hope for seeing some Indian working/studying in India, making it to TR-35.

    But may be not. I have never seen anyone in this list, who have not worked or studied in America. TR-35 is a recognition for upcoming American scientists. So let's hope in India also we will have some awards of this scale for upcoming inventors.